Beth Living introduces modular home décor furniture in Steel and Stainless Steel.
Beth Living products transforms your home into a fresh, modern looking one, giving your home a contemprary decor.
Because your family is precious, and your loved ones deserve the best. Beth's modern alternative home decor products are designed
and developed to protect your family with its unmatched features.


Fire Proof

Fire is a blessing nevertheless a curse when it takes it an avatar. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We support your cause to stay safe inside the walls build with care and love. The products are passionately made with extreme heat condition checks. Anything that can conduct fire is totally avoided from the end product. The major advantage is, it is easy to suppress fire as steel does not allow it to spread either does it melt. Stay fearless of Fire with our Steel Furnishings.


Water, oil, milk and food stains are easily absorbed by wood or plastic. Such absorption is food for pests and microbes. The life cycle chain is easily developed under these conditions. It needs lots of effort to combat the stains and pests. Use of pest controlling chemicals arise. All this chaos can be escaped from steel. Our steel furnishing is interchangeable, flexible and mobile allowing you to cleanse every nuke and corner as and when required. This is the unbeatable feature that makes us proud of.

Pest Free

Tiny burglars are always ignored as we are kept unaware of the damages done. It becomes difficult to fight them out after they have established. Whether it is termites, cockroaches or rats they cannot steal steel. Along with this, we have also made sure the surface is made extremely smooth to avoid develop microbes such as fungus. Pest proof is also guaranteed as water ingress is resisted by the steel cabinet.

Water Resistance

Water, a basic need of human life is unavoidable at home. The null impact is the result even at the intense usage of water on our Steel-Stainless Steel Furnishings. Static tests such as high temperature, steam sterilisation and pressure water checks are done before the final product. Every nut and bolt go through static checks. No sagging, No withering, Steel remains Steel forever.

Easy Installation

We value your time and effort none another contemporary would give you such a creation. Our ingenious mechanism and resourceful engineering is the outcome of some specially designed features. Installations and Re-Installations are done at an unimaginable speed. The mechanism is so simple that it is interchangeable and self-installations is also made possible. At a minimum time, you can kick start your life at your new home in a new way.

Noise Free

Steel items by nature are strong but noisy. We are a pioneer in living decors. We make products analysing the need of the modern world. Our engineering capability can overcome any disadvantage. First time ever, our products equipped in all cases with Stainless steel hinges and standard soft closing makes them the best and brings you value like no other.

Multi Color

We love to awe your unique choice. Our product is unique in our customers and their choice of colours. Steel may be silver but the surface is coloured and presented artistic. Multiple colours are available you can choose the one that suits your home interior.


Modernity is just not fashioned it is also being rationally potent. Wooden and Plastic furnishing is a concept which no more Modern.
Wood's purpose is to save nature. Get rid of plastic to avoid the adverse effects on nature and human life. It’s time to shift from Wood and Plastic furnishings. We at Beth introduce Environment-Friendly Steel-Stainless Steel furnishing which is high grade and 100% recyclable.

Long Life

Steel in itself is a strong metal and thereby accepted globally. We guarantee a world class processed Steel with lifetime contract of 15 years. In reality, they last a lifetime. In it are the ingenious craftsmanship and dynamic mechanism. Even the minute mechanism are so meticulously made that it is easy to handle. Soft handling makes it maintenance free and increases the longevity of the product. The best thing about steel is the super-strong quality which is rust-free and also untouched by pest intruders.

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