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Comparison of stainless and wooden kitchen.
Compare traditional wood kitchen to a Stainless Steel Kitchen
  Wooden kitchen BETH KITCHENS-Stainless Steel Modular Home Kitchens
1 Wood is less durable Stainless Steel is highly durable material. Life of stainless steel products is known to have extended to generations
2 Cant be washed. Water is the most formidable enemy of wooden kitchens Stainless Steel is Water proof and can be easily wiped to dry.
3 Moisture in Kitchen will encourage fungi growth in wooden kitchens Stainless Steel does not support any microbiological growth.
4 Pest control and pest breading is a perennial problem in wooden kitchens Stainless Steel does not support pest breeding and do not need hazardous pest control measures
5 Hygiene standards are not as good as Stainless Steel Stainless Steel ensures the best hygiene standards. Worlds best HACCP standard kitchens are stainless Steel kitchens.
6 Fitments and fasteners fitted into wood can not hold for long. Once fitments fail replacements in the same locations is near to impossible Stainless Steel kitchens from BETH boast of industrial grade fitments which in the unlikely event of failure can be easily replaced
7 Cleaning is never complete in wood and always a challenge Stainless Steel is known for its ease of cleaning and will ensure cleaning is complete
8 No stardisation means not standard products and pricing Standard products ensures economic and standard pricing
9 Non standard products custom built at site would make maintenances difficult Stainless Steel is durable and has long life. Standard products manufactured can ensure easy maintenance. In simple terms it can maintained as easily as the stainless Steel utensils.