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Welcome to Bethliving

The Modern Alternative in Home Decor

Here it is, your search for the modern alternative to the traditional home decor shall stop here. All of us have seen traditional home decor done in wood or wood derivatives and lived with them for want of alternatives.

And no, we are not joking when we say our products are hygienic, fireproof, pest proof, waterproof, eco-friendly, maintenance-free, easy to install and noise-free .... but these are traits we hold so central to our products. Manufactured out of Stainless Steel, Steel and combinations, you just have to step into any our customer experience Center to pick your choice and open up a new way of life, like never before.

Manufactured in Steel and Stainless Steel out of process perfected to a production line, we ensure your handful of choices picked carefully from the thousands of the possible options available in our standard list of modules comes to you in perfection so that you customize your home decor the way you visualized.

With our products, you will have no difficulty in finding products for every functionality you can think of in your home, be it in Kitchen, Bedroom or in living and other interior areas of your house.

So go ahead, explore, discover and make them yours, we are just standing by to hear from you.


Salient Features

Welcome to BETH Living. A modern living style inspired by our passion to create the most enduring alternative to the traditional home decor product.



To start with, our products are hygienic, with touch safe and zero chemical emissions our products will keep your home emission free for a lifetime.


Fire Proof

Fire is a blessing nevertheless a curse when it takes it an avatar. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Pest free

Get rid of routine harmful pest control applications for life as our products are pest proof.


Water Resistance

Beth products have low water sensitivity that will prevent any water damage issues from occurring. Our Products are module fitted and stain proof and easy washable,which will ensure that your home fresh and along time.


Easy installation

Our fully fitted module concept ensures the quality at our factory production line and does not need any assembly skills while installation, the concept ensures your kitchen is up and running in matter of hours as our installation time is extremely low.



Our products are carefully crafted and manufactured with precision through world class processes in stainless steel, steel and combinations giving BETH products an industry leading warranty of 15 years on manufacturing defects.


Noise Free

We welcome you to embrace the new way of designing every room of your home. Embrace the new and make your kitchen from a wide range to choose from. We have true modular kitchens in steel. standards of engineering applied



Beth products are available in multiple color options that will ensure that it matches with your choice of room color and other décor. Our products with high standards of engineering applied in designing and production.


Eco friendly

As a zero wood product we ensure we don't disturb the environment while making your kitchens and you need not carry the guilt. BETH holistically believes in Environment production that ensures that no wood or chemicals are used in our products.


Our Products

Discover why we are your best choice for your family.

Get In Touch

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    Beth Living introduces modular home décor furniture in Steel and Stainless Steel.
    Beth Living products transforms your home into a fresh, modern looking one, giving your home a contemporary decor.

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