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Turn every space in your home into an organized haven with Beth Living's wardrobe storage solutions. Beth wardrobe range comes in a variety of style and finishes and is the quintessential ingredient when it comes to organizing your designerwear or everyday makeup kit. At Beth, we strive to provide beautifully crafted decorative surfaces of unmatched quality. With outstanding colours that match with silent movements and fireproof function - the BETH range of wardrobes offer you the right surface for all of your storage solutions.




Printed Wardrobe


Family Bed

Probably the most private space of your home, make it absolutely personal. Bethliving doesn't stop there. We put technology in place to make it work for you. Make it space savers, create un expected storage space for you and make it the most pleasing space for you to retire, rest and recuperate for life day after day, every day.

Pro lift up beds well built, ergonomic and safe to use space built in beds has our customers in awe. They are built in Steel to stay generations. A soft head rest and with an add on Bethliving mattress is probably the best you can ask for. Don't stop, choices of sliding door wardrobes, regular wardrobes, chest of drawers, center tables, head units mattresses go ahead and pamper yourself.

King Size Beds

Queen Size Beds

Electric Lift up option


Bachelor Bed

No matter where you are what you do and what you expect im your bedroom we have a solution forit. All you have to do is to make pick. Our bed sets with the mosquito net mast solves a big puzzle families face before bedtime. Pick your wardrobe and get them in wooden texture if you wish. So if you are a young home maker, student, living in city or in your village, all you have to do is to make your pick. Add the Bethliving mattress and you are done.

Bunk BED 3 ft
BED 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft
BED with mosquito net mast 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft



Pure Technology at work for you while you are at sleep. Individually pocketed spring mattress to ensure a disturbance free sleep, not just for you but your partner as well. Individually pocketed springs ensure that your body is well supported for a sound night sleep. It also ensures that your motion while in sleep does not disturb your partners sleep. All of this goodness shipped to you in a compressed small pack.


Printed Wardrobe


Bethliving's vanity units are crafted and designed exclusively with you in mind. Bethliving brings you all you need to make it your own personalised retreat whether is bathroom or wash space. With our range of stainless steel and steel vanities, you will find an answer to your desires. Our specially tropicalised components are perfectly suitable for wetness oriented Indian bathrooms. Our designers have combined affordable luxury with personal touch, these vanity units are clever addition to any home.