July 24th, 2023



6 Must-Have Wardrobe Fittings and Accessories for Optimal Organization

Designing a well-organized wardrobe requires the right fittings and accessories that maximize space and keep your clothes and accessories easily accessible. In this blog, we’ll explore six essential wardrobe fittings and accessories that will help you create a functional and clutter-free wardrobe.

1. Cloth Baskets:

Cloth baskets are versatile storage solutions for your wardrobe. They are perfect for keeping folded clothes, scarves, or accessories neatly organized. Opt for cloth baskets with handles for easy access and portability. Use different sizes to separate various items and maintain a tidy wardrobe.

2. Trouser & Jewelry Box:

A trouser & jewelry box combines functionality for storing both trousers and precious accessories. This multi-purpose fitting usually features rods to hang trousers wrinkle-free and compartments or drawers to keep jewelry organized. It’s an efficient way to utilize space while catering to your clothing and accessory needs.

3. Wire Basket:

Wire baskets are ideal for storing items like handbags, clutches, or hats. These baskets allow proper air circulation and visibility, making it easier to locate what you need. Place them at the top of your wardrobe or mount them on the inside of wardrobe doors to maximize space.

4. Jewelry Basket:

A jewelry basket is a convenient solution for storing bulkier jewelry pieces or larger accessories. Look for one with a soft lining to prevent scratching or damage to your jewelry. The basket can also be used to keep scarves or other soft accessories in one place.

5. Mounted Saree/Trouser Rack:

A mounted saree or trouser rack is an excellent addition to any wardrobe, especially for those who wear sarees or need to keep trousers wrinkle-free. The rack allows you to hang sarees or trousers neatly and keeps them readily accessible. Ensure that the rack is mounted securely to hold the weight of your clothing items.

6. Soft Close Pull-Down Side Mount:

A pull-down side mount is a fantastic fitting for hanging clothes that can be easily pulled down and put back up. This innovative solution makes use of vertical space, allowing you to store seasonal or less frequently used garments up high and retrieve them effortlessly when needed. The pull-down mechanism eliminates the need for step stools or ladders and ensures efficient utilization of wardrobe space.


By incorporating these six essential wardrobe fittings and accessories, you can create a well-organized and functional storage space for your clothes and accessories. Cloth baskets, trouser & jewelry boxes, mounted saree/trouser racks, jewelry baskets, wire baskets, and soft close pull down side mounts will make your wardrobe more efficient and visually appealing. Customizing your wardrobe with these fittings and accessories ensures that everything has its place, making your daily dressing routine a seamless experience. Don’t forget to talk to your Bethliving consultant to add your favorite accessories while designing your Modular Wardrobe. 

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