December 26th, 2022



Everything You Need To Know About My Recent Kitchen Makeover

A kitchen that is stylish and equipped with the features  will make cooking, eating, and entertaining easy. These incredible kitchen before-and-after transformations will motivate you to begin organising your own kitchen overhaul. Check out how these kitchens went from being tranformed

Outdated and Disorganized Style


The potential of this kitchen was constrained by an outdated layout and a lack of storage. There wasn’t much room for elegant organising due to the inadequately sized boxes and simple cabinetry. In order to increase storage without affecting the arrangement, the kitchen was renovated.

Customized Organized Storage


All of the upper cabinets were made into open shelving with for containers & for organising dishes after the doors were removed from them. On one end of the expanded style, open shelves are now present, storing and displaying serving utensils. The room is made more contemporary with new design, a specially made range hood, and a clean cream and grey colour scheme. 

Refresh Eye-Comforted Designed Kitchen 


Stainless steel now replace the dark steel cabinetry with eye-comforted style. Adding open shelves and swapping the kitchen’s granite countertop with a greyish quartz surface further lightened the kitchen’s visual weight. New appliances, a custom-built range hood, and a crisp gray color scheme modernize the space.

High-Style Kitchen

Steel Kitchen

The original cabinetry were painted a dazzling white and a light blue-gray to brighten the kitchen. The dark granite counters were replaced with veined grey stainless steel. Shiny steel elements are introduced  by new hardware and glass pendants. The outdated wallpaper was taken down to design kitchen into high style design.

Open and Airy

 To improve the flow of the kitchen, the sink moved to the exterior wall beneath a new, smaller window.The refrigerator is now located near a breakfast station closer to the dining room to simplify morning routines. The reasonably priced renoation was taken up to the ceiling for an added sense of height. With the dishwasher now tucked into the island, dirty dish drips are a thing of the past.

Industrial-Style Kitchen Makeover

 Roused by a favourite restaurant, this family kitchen loosens up to turn into a refined, modern style home base. Pale dark border cupboards, a more profound grey-dim steel racks flank the reach while conveying a bistro-like impression. The kitchen’s enormous scope permitted the homeowners to reorient the space and do without draping cupboards for smooth metal racks.

Kitchen Makeover in Stages

Kitchen makeovers don’t have to happen all at once. Tackling kitchen remodel ideas in stages can help you fit a large-scale update into your schedule. Check out how you can work on your kitchen just a few steps at a time.


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