July 4th, 2023



Jaw-Dropping Before-and-After Room Transformations

Whether it’s a dull and lifeless space or a cluttered and disorganized room, the potential for transformation lies within every corner. In this blog post, we delve into the world of before-and-after room makeovers, where ordinary spaces are infused with creativity, vision, and careful planning to become extraordinary havens of style and functionality.


2018 Kerala Flood-Affected Kitchen Transformation

For 15 days, the entire house was fully buried in water. The decision to install a modular steel kitchen proved to be advantageous during the revival process, as it eliminated the need for a complete replacement that would have been both labor-intensive and costly if wood had been used. By opting for a modular steel kitchen, the expense of replacing everything with wood was avoided, resulting in a more budget-friendly and efficient restoration.









The installation of a modular steel kitchen proved to be a game-changer in reviving the kitchen space. By opting for this versatile and practical option, the need for expensive and labor-intensive replacements was eliminated. The modular steel kitchen provided a cost-effective solution, allowing for a seamless transformation without the need to replace everything. This highlights the importance of smart choices when it comes to kitchen renovations, as selecting the right materials can significantly simplify the reviving process and help achieve desired results within a reasonable budget. With the modular steel kitchen in place, the kitchen revival became a smoother and more efficient endeavor, resulting in a refreshed and functional space that meets both style and practicality requirements. 

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