May 2nd, 2023



Seven Modular Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid

A modular kitchen is one that can be built or altered using modules or pieces. Due to their adaptability and ability to be tailored to the demands of the client, modular kitchens are very popular. What happens if it is not installed properly and does not adhere to the necessary standards? What are the mistakes to avoid when using a modular kitchen? The lack of counter space, the lack of storage are just a few potential issues. This blog will help you avoid the modular kitchen mistakes that people generally make.


Not planning the layout properly

Proper planning of the layout is one of the most typical errors to avoid when using a modular kitchen. The amount of space available, the number of appliances that will be used, and the design’s ergonomics must all be considered. It’s crucial to know exactly how much money can be allocated to the project and what the top objectives are. Always consider your potential future demands when making alterations to your kitchen. Make sure there is adequate space for a dining table, for instance, if you intend to start a family soon.


Always use a soft close channel

In the modern era, utilizing a standard close channel is like using a keypad phone. Instead of utilizing a regular close channel, try employing a soft close channel, which will improve its performance, lengthen its lifespan, and give your modular kitchen a more upscale appearance.


Not providing suitable space for the microwave, induction, and other appliances

It’s crucial to make sure the appliances are the proper size and fit the layout. They are now highly prevalent and will become more so during the upcoming years. Therefore, you have to figure out how and where to fit in these appliances. 


Inadequate storage 

Kitchen storage is no more a place for the minimal necessities. Consider it a key component in the kitchen’s decluttering process. Every appliance you use, leaving it permanently on the counter, is not necessary. Invest in contemporary storage cabinets that make the most of every square inch of space and employ technology that makes reaching for items simple. Remember to utilize the corners and the area above the refrigerator as well.


Not considering your chimney pipe

Before installing a modular kitchen, it is preferable to leave space for the chimney pipe. If not, having to fix the pipe in the open will not look good. Additionally, if the space is not planned ahead of time, the pipe will bend more, which ultimately affects how well your chimney works. 


Poor Lighting

Proper lighting is essential in the kitchen. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety as you’ll frequently be handling incredibly hot and sharp materials here. Make your modular kitchen look even more stunning with better lighting. 


Not installing a Backsplash 

People frequently overlook the space behind the stove and the backsplash. One of the most frequent design errors when creating a modular kitchen is this one. As a result of the continual exposure to splatters, the backsplash or the area behind the stove becomes greasy and soiled. Over time, cleaning it can become challenging, leaving the wall behind your stove looking discolored and messy. Spend money having your backsplash installed. You have a lot of options, including easy-to-clean and stain-resistant materials like stainless steel, etc.


In conclusion, by abiding by a few straightforward rules and avoiding common errors, modular kitchen faults can be avoided. Do your study before settling on any design or business, as well. You can also get assistance by working with a pro designer from Bethliving, who will design your modular kitchen in accordance with your needs. Stay away from these kitchen blunders for a better experience.

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