April 29th, 2023



Six Tips for Creating Sustainable Interior Designs in 2023

Sustainable interior designs are future-focused, hence long term thinking is emphasized. Environmentally friendly lifestyle choices, conserve natural resources and help in maintaining our biodiversity. You can make your Interior Designs more sustainable through various methods listed below.  

Choose energy efficiency

Making your home interiors energy-efficient is important, and there are several ways to do it. Make use of alternative energy resources like solar energy . Large windows can also be used to boost the flow of wind and decrease the use of artificial lighting. 


Opting steel interiors 

Pick eco-friendly interior design materials; steel and stainless steel are a great example. Steel is a particularly popular material among homeowners, due to its resistance to fire, water, and termites. Using steel, stainless steel furniture will also reduce the number of trees felled.  


Use modular housing 

Modular units are a convenient and environmentally friendly option for your interiors because they can be easily reconfigured to a new location. There will be less amount of waste generated as you will not have to discard your old furniture.


Utilize robust materials

One of the main steps of making your interiors sustainable is by reducing waste. Using a durable material like steel will help your interiors last longer so that you don’t have to do your interiors again.   


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 

Da Vinci rightly said ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, elegance and a good eye for details creates aesthetically pleasing designs. Keeping it minimalistic doesn’t necessarily have to mean having the space empty, it can mean modifying it into a spacious setting. 


Use plants in your décor 

Plants make excellent substitutes for the majority of décor items and are a sustainable décor option. Additionally, a touch of greenery complements every interior design theme. 


Bethliving is your one stop solution for sustainable Interiors, as we have a zero wood policy and don’t use harsh adhesives. Our manufacturing unit uses natural solar energy for production. Make your interiors eco-friendly, visit our website www.bethliving.com to receive a free consultation. 

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