The Prime Series

Our Stainless Steel and Steel combination kitchens, called "The Beth Prime Combi" with the cost advantages of steel and the unmatched advantages of Stainless Steel. These two features perfectly blend to give you the advantages of Stainless and cost benefits of steel.

" The Beth Combi deluxe and regular " are designed to deliver you clean kitchens with high hygiene levels. With our Deluxe range crafted in SS 304 and Regular regular in SS202, all you have to do is to pick the right one to suit your budget and environment. For the professional in you, you might want to go one step further with the "Pristine range" of Stainless Steel kitchens.

  • Combi

    • * Carcass in Whole SS 202
    • * Facia in steel (GI) Epoxy Coated
  • Steel

    • * Carcass and facia in steel (GI) epoxy coated
  • Steel with SS facia

    • * Facia in SS 
    • * Carcass in Steel (GI)

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