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    The Future of Interiors In India

    With a 12 Billion Dollar Market, interior decoration is one of the most lucrative segments of the real estate sector. It is also a sector that is primed for development and new technology, as 85% of players are unorganized and the rest follow the same process of using wood and its derivatives.

    Bethliving, with its unique product range that solves problems of conventional systems, stands a great chance of being market leaders.Technology driven processes, off-site manufacturing, rapid installation, fire, water, pest proof are a few ways in which Bethliving can holistically resolve consumer grievances & give the people what they need!



    Saving nature is more critical than ever shift to alternatives without compromising on looks, functionality or longevity!

    We are fixed furniture providerswho undertake projects and deliver design to retaiI solutions. Our solutions are a combination of high-grade steel and high-grade stainless steel and are made to order. Our company is spearheading the zero wood furniture segment and introduce new and better solutions to the interior design marketof the country.

    Our client experience has helped us put customer interaction, manufacturing process, installation integration and after-sale service systems in place. The 30 planning software, trained professionals, Zinc and Epoxy coated steel fitments, custom-built components and fitments and a client experience like no other sets us leagues apart in the interior design segment.


    Franchisee invested, company owned & operated model
    Are you, someone looking for an avenue to invest but too busy to handle a business? Are you, someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with the nitty gritty of business, but still wish to invest? Then, Have a call with us.

    “ficoo investment plan is perfect for you”

    Quick Payback

    Attractive Sales Commission Model

    No Involvement in Operations


    Franchisee  owned, Franchisee operated model

    If you are a leader, looking to build a business on your own and is disciplined to follow the SOP’s, then we have the perfect opportunity for you.

    Franchisee owned, franchisee-operated model is a hands-on approach where the franchisee would receive the technology and training but will have to generate leads, build up the business and earn. The model is for investors who want a more traditional approach to the business and can be more involved in it.

    Get in touch with us for details of investment locations ranging across metro cities/TI cities and in T2/T3 cities. We will take you through the complete setup of a business along with software training straight investment into your future.

    Partnership of Mutual Benefit

     We offer two options to partner with us, based on the type of involvement you desire to have in the functioning of the franchise. Invest in the technology of the future with a proven business model !

    Interior design is a huge market in India. The market consumes a lot of natural materials, mainly wood. Wood as a material comes with its own problems, be it with exposure to weather or being prone to pests among others. The market is primed and ready for something new and better. Bethliving brings the solution to these problems. Made from materials that are weatherproof, thermally resistant and pest proof, this is the technology of the future.

    Invest in the technology of the future with a proven business model!

    • 7 years closed end program
    • Futuristic technology
    • Own 3D planning and CRM technology
    • SAP based precision manufacturing
    • Proven model and great returns

    • Business opportunity Pan India
    • Easy onboarding and working processes
    • 30+ strong investor community
    • All statutory bonus on blpl
    • Act of god , lockdown etc are factored in

    • Option to select the location by unit franchisee, from a pre fixed list of potential market
    • Cash flow based commission model , 9% of all cash flow
    • Minimum guarantee inbuilt, incase of market fluctuation

    Why Choose Us ?

    "Bespoke designs, robust manufacture"

    A collection of technically sound, inspired and dedicated individuals, backed by a team of technicians who install and service in a matter of minutes, Bethliving givesyou furniture that addsutility andpersonality to your home. Take a step into the future with cuttingedgeinteriorsof Bethliving.We are a company that strives to fight the one-size-fits-all mindset. Each hinge,slider, box or other component is custom built based on the client’s requirements. Using off-the-shelf materials affects the design and functionality in the long run, and we eliminate that risk with our bespoke fabrication.


    Touch safe and with zero emissions. products that ensure your health

    Pest Free

    Eliminate pests, eliminate pest control, say goodbye to harmful chemicals

    Fire Proof

    A highignition point. a lower combustion risk! Prevent the spread

    Water Resistance

    Water just slides off our non-absorbent, non-porous surfaces

    Design Options

    With excellent finishing, get the design you need in a rainbow of hues & patterns

    Noise Free

    With the proper auto-closing hinges manufactured to specification, eliminate the noise


    As sleek as14mm, our slimboxes are designed to last and maximize the space in the drawers. Paired with the quick snap design, these drawers can be removed and realigned into thechannels easily, making cleaning a breeze!


    Countless users havecomplained about hinge failure when they use readymade hinges. Our SS304 heavy-duty hinges are sleek, strong and have a life of over a lakh operation cycles. Thequality of our hinges is perfect to use in dry or wet areas.


    Good quality sliders are essential for the build quality of a kitchen. Our sliders are smooth, sleek, less noisy and can take up to 45kgs a pair. Much higher than standard off-the-shelf sliders, our sliders are perfect for the storage and utility habits of Indian households.


    Bethliving outfits your entire home to suit your requirements. Living rooms, Kitchen, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Home Offices and even Bathrooms can be oufitted with solutions that will make the space organized, functional and aesthetic !


    Either all stainless steel or a combination of steel and stainless steel, our kitchen design steals the show.Sleek, Modern, Functional, Durable and Easy to Clean, our kitchens are an amalgamation of aesthetic and technical brilliance and are sure to awe the beholder.


    A heaven to beautifully organize and store all of your outfits, makeup and accessories, the storage solutions provided by bethliving are exactly what you need in your bedroom. Multiple colours, Impeccable finishing, Fireproof and Quiet, these wardrobes are everything you have ever wanted out of a wardrobe.


    Vanity cabinets are integral to the wash area or bathroom. One of the hardest components to design with traditional materials, our tropicalized components and steel designs might just be perfect for dealing with the hot and humid conditions of an Indian Bathroom.

    Living Room

    Turn your TV into a central design feature with the chic entertainment console for your living rooms. With ample media and component storage facilities, the unit is compact and gives a clean look to your space. Made to design, these units are sure to hold everything you want to while looking fabulous.

    Home Offices / Workspaces

    We bring you the perfect solutions for your workspaces. Elegant, Spacious, Ergonomic and utility based furnishings for your home offices or work desks! Choose from different designs, colours and configurations to customize the office spaces as per your need !


    In our endeavour to give complete solutions, we bring world class kitchen appliances that integrate seamlessly with the modular design. From cooktops and hobs to chimneys, we bring reliable, functional and simply stunning pieces of equipment that will fulfil all your needs and complete the modular set up of your kitchen.

    Investment in an industry of tomorrow

    with a well established company. Invest in a product that is proven and tested.