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DIY Study Table

Our life has changed. Work from home, hybrid working what ever is your routine, we have your back. Convert any space of your home to the perfect work place in no time. The DIY study table comes to you in a flat packed box and you put it up in a matter of minutes. Combine it with the comfortable bethliving home office chairs you are done, the icing on the cake is choose one with colour that matches your space.

  • >> Multiple colour option
  • >> Steel table offers fire and water resistance
  • >> Suitable for applications from study to cooking
  • >> Economically priced as against alternatives
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Home Office Table

Many among us conduct business from home. Home offices are not the same as usual office space. It reflects your personality, and that's where our home office products come in really handy and economical. They are quick to assemble. They are customisable beyond the standard colours add a pedestal or few shelves you are ready for your show time.

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Home Office Table

Pick the colours of your choice bring in the pedestal for your storage and run your world right from the comfort of your home.

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Home Office Chairs

Chairs are the center of our Adda and the main brick of our Adobe. It makes all the sense to make the strong comfortable and long lasting. So the first thing we did is remove wood from our home office chairs. We then invented a technology to spine it with Steel.

"Steel Spine", our trade marked technology ensures the chair is well engineered and durable. Fabric chosen from some of the finest Indian denim breaths through to ensure your seat is well ventilated. Go ahead and choose from blue or black denim and make the chairs which are the most perfectly engineered to be yours forever. Not just that, it comes with durability stamp and 5 years manufacturing warranty.